Where: 527 Wallace RD., Jackson, TN 38305

When: 11:00am Sunday Worship

Monday: 7:00 pm Life Application

Please Note:

How far in advance should you plan to arrive? Allow half an hour, especially if you’re checking children in to nursery/Children’s Church. Intercessory Prayer is from 10:00-11:00am on Sundays and 5:00-7:00pm on Mondays

Music & Worship Style:

At KingDom SeeKers, Worship is premium! No one sits down! Expect to hear  a blended style of music that crosses denominational, racial, and cultural lines and creates a moving experience of celebratory praise and meditative worship.

Youth Services:

In order to provide the best worship experience to everyone, we ask families with young children to take advantage of #InHim Youth Ministry(Nursery Ages-0-24 months) and  (Children’s Church-ages 3-12). Every Sunday, your child can experience God’s love through creative, fun Biblical teaching. If approached by a volunteer, please remember our goal is to offer the best worship experience for all ages.

Check In: Begins 20 minutes prior to each service time.

What to wear?

Attire: Feel free to wear whatever you would like, as long as it’s not immodest!

What to bring?

Bring a Bible: We are a Word church. Expect to search the scriptures diligently during the messages, follow along with us during our pre-sermon confession session and periodically participate in “Scripture Praise” sessions where you have the opportunity to tell your favorite passage and why it is important to you.

Bring a pen. For the message so that you can take notes during the message.

Bring an open heart. Come expecting to hear God’s voice and learn something about Him, and yourself!

Bring a friend. We encourage you to bring a guest to service. God calls us to share our faith; you never know the impact you can make on someone’s life by a simple invitation.


We want to respect our neighbors. Please follow directions from our parking volunteers, who will guide you to appropriate parking spaces. It is our commitment to be good neighbors in the community