Wear Your Helmet!

Recently, I was watching a television interview of the former quarterback of the Chicago Bear Jim McMahon. Jim after a successful NFL career is now experiencing memory loss due to concussions that went undiagnosed. The helmets that the NFL players wear supposed to protect this critical area of the body from injuries,but he is now unable to remember things within a 20 minute window.
God wants us to protect our minds with the helmet of his word. The area where the devil desires to dethrone us is through the mind. He utilizes suggestion and accusations against us to weaken our confidence through the mind. We must guard our mind and our thought life from the vicious attacks of Satan. He will attempt to confuse your mind by subtle attacks on your thought life until you open the gate and allow him to have residence inside your mind. Many believers don’t realize that confusion is like a concussion and causes loss of memory of what God has said about that situation and attempt to solve the problem based on short term solution. Today, make sure you are wearing the helmet of God’s word and do not allow the suggestion and accusations of the devil to dethrone you because you are a child of the Most High God.

KingDom SeeKers