Action Men!

David was a man of great purpose and he recognized his purpose at a very early age.  David did not like standing idle and watching a situation but rather he liked taking action. 1 Samuel 17:29 

And David said, What have I now done? Is there not a cause?
What kind of man are you? action or reaction.  David brother’s were jealous of him because he was a man of action and his brother’s were men that reacted after a action man appears. Action men take the initiative.  Action men move without the crowd.  Action men lead the prayer.  Action men take responsibility. This week take the initiative and offer Christ to someone or lead the prayer instead of waiting on someone else.  God will reward your faithfulness.
Also, let us continue to pray for our brother  Vakendall Long as he process through the lost of his mother. Take action and call or email him and let him feel your strength and love toward him in the midst of this difficult time.

KingDom SeeKers