Enjoy The View!

I recalled recently the first trip my wife and I made to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina.  We had to fly from Memphis to Atlanta and then into Myrtle Beach. The trip was terrible because had to deal with storms in Memphis and when we got to Atlanta our connecting flight had left. Needless to say we were upset because our flight was on time coming into Atlanta. I even considered purchasing a return flight to Memphis because our delay was 6 hours in Atlanta. Finally, we arrived in Myrtle Beach at our condo and we dropped our bags extremely frustrated with the days event and opened the doors that led to the balcony and we said together WOW!!!  We had a condo on the beach and we could hear the Atlantic ocean waves hit the beach and the cool wind blowing on our faces and throughout the condo and we agreed that all we had gone through was worth what we were experiencing that moment.  We relaxed and enjoyed the view. Listen, you may be in a storm today or have some tuff decisions to make but remember once you get through it all it will be worth it and when you get to the place that God is taking you don’t forget to enjoy the view.
Jesus Is The Christ