This Day

Recently, I was enjoying an unusual low humidity June day with the temperatures in the low 80’s when the Lord dropped a thought into my spirit.  The thought was “This Day”.  As I was enjoying this gorgeous  day the Lord said that” with love and patience he has drawn me ” that I might be alive to enjoy this day. I thought about the foolish things I did before I was saved and all the crazy risks I took because I did not like me. I remembered the drugs, the failed relationships, the bad decisions that I made and I thought God you loved me through my foolish behavior that I might enjoy THIS DAY.  Well, a praise erupted in my spirit and it has continued to the point that I wanted to share it with you today.  God did not pull you out of your foolish behaviors but rather he drew you out with his love and patience.  I would have missed that beautiful low humidity day if Satan had his way and destroyed my life in my youth but God shielded me and guided me around so many of my life challenges.  Give God a praise if you can relate to the thought “This Day”. Give thought to how he has guided your life through his love and patience even at times when you were unruly, mean, and hateful. God’s love and patience gave time for our understanding to develop .  I believe that only when your understanding has become fruitful can you really bless God for every day he gives us.  This day I choose to bless his name because I understand how he has shielded me and kept me all the days of my life.