What is a Soul Attack?

What is a heart attack?  A heart attack occurs when blood flow to a part of your heart is blocked for a long enough time that part of the heart muscle is damaged or dies.  The heart works hard to carry blood through the body to the major organs.  A heart attack can shut down the entire body. The signs of a heart attack are: shortness of breathe, discomfort in the upper body, and chest pains. The soul is called the heart in the bible because of the thoughts that run through the mind, will, and emotions. Like the arteries in the body the soul can be blocked up by sin and sin shuts down the reservoir of revelation which flows from the Holy Spirit.  The signs of a blocked soul are: jealousy,hatred, bitterness, and a critical spirit.  Allow God to do surgery on your soul as a preventive measure to a possible soul attack.  Please take time ask God to give you his diagnosis of your heart(soul)in prayer this week to determine your potential for a soul attack.

Jesus Is The Christ