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Dr. Larry Robinson has served in ministry over 20 years and holds a Doctorate in Theology from Jacksonville Theological Seminary. With passion, Dr. Robinson operates in the Ephesians 4:11 ministry gift of the Apostle.

Dr. Robinson accepted his call to minister the Word of God in 1990 and assists the Body of Christ in identifying and functioning in their God-given purpose. He now serves as the General Overseer of both Cane Creek Missionary Baptist Church, Inc. and KingDom Seekers Interdenominational Church, Inc. His wife of 30 years, Dr. Teresa Robinson, undergirds him and labors beside him as he establishes a foundation of truth and gives direction in the Body of Christ.

Dr. Robinson is the founder of Lighthouse Ministries, International, Inc., which helps to establish and strengthen churches, leaders and ministers of the gospel in the doctrine of the Apostles. In 2012, he commissioned “The Generals”, a ministry dedicated to rearing “Sons” and teaching biblical principles to men of all ages. In adopting the concept of “each generation teaching the next generation”, Dr. Robinson hopes to propel men into their divine purpose, as established by God with Adam in the beginning.

Dr. Robinson is committed to increasing the spiritual level of the Church through intensified worship unto God, the acknowledgment and in-filling of the Holy Spirit, and allowing the power of the Holy Spirit to increase and illuminate revelation of the Word of God. He has entered into a new dimension of ministry as one of the end-time Apostles that God is establishing worldwide. Dr. Larry W. Robinson’s anointed teachings enforce kingdom conduct and holiness and biblical standards of righteousness.


Dr. Teresa Robinson holds a Doctorate in Christian Psychology from Jacksonville Theological Seminary and she boldly functions in the Ephesians 4:11 ministry gift of the Prophet.

In 1999, Dr. Teresa Robinson accepted her call to minister the Word of God and her divine assignment in spiritual waste management and sanitation to “get the trash out of the church” and usher the people of God back to righteousness and sanctification. For over 20 years she has committed herself to preaching and teaching the unadulterated truth without compromise, and now serves as the General Overseer of both Cane Creek “Next Level” Baptist Church, Inc. and Kingdom Seekers Interdenominational Church, Inc. alongside her husband of 30 years, Dr. Larry Robinson.

Prophetess Robinson stands as God’s mouth-piece against the kingdom of darkness and the enemies of God in the midst of criticism and religious mindsets. In the face of many obstacles, she continues to walk worthy of her calling, preach God’s word unapologetically, and maintain compassion and profound love for God’s people. God has birthed an intense, sincere fervor in Prophetess Robinson for the women of God to know their worth and reach their full potential. She has established several ministries geared toward meeting the spiritual needs of God’s women which include Restoration of Women (ROW), Professional Christian Women (PCW), Women against Fat (WAF) and Women in Ministry (WIM). Prophetess Robinson displays empathetic concern and affection for the body of Christ and her spiritual children. She is a mother in Zion, crying aloud and sparing not for the children of God to be free from all sin and iniquity and walk in the marvelous light God has called each of us to.

Dr. Teresa Robinson serves on the Board of Directors for Lighthouse Ministries International, Inc. and above all personal and ministry accomplishments, she considers championing her husband in ministry to be one of the greatest aspect to her call.